Marvin Heemeyer was a blue-collar man whose greatest joy in life was to see his muffler-repair shop prosper. When he felt the government of Granby, Colorado, was conspiring against him and the success of his business, he decided to take action. 

He did not take his vengeance by walking into the town hall with a gun. Nor did he build bombs and deliver them to local politicians. 

No, Marvin was more ingenious than that. He put his welding skills to work. 

In so doing, Marvin Heemeyer made history as one of the most original, complex, controversial, and misunderstood criminals in history. 
Malice is the story of his life leading up to his one-of-a-kind crime. Exhaustively researched, author Liam Llewellyn portrays the story in its entirety, then poses an alternative interpretation.  
Malice challenges the reader to ask such questions as: 

  • Do governments conspire against individuals? 

  • In the wake of enormous tragedy, do governments tell the truth? 

  • What is a criminal? 

  • Do two wrongs make a right?

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