Melissa Hailey

Melissa Hailey has been involved in politics from a young age. She grew up in Dubai and was able to see the world as a child. After dinner she would discuss and debate her father on a wide variety of topics and at 22, she was first elected to office, becoming the youngest female elected in Canada. She served two terms as a municipal councilor. The perpetual policy wonk (political nerd), she has never been a fan of the political dramas distracting from the issues at hand. She is now turning the political head games and emotional manipulation into plot lines. An entrepreneur, she has owned and operated a kayak-tour company for a decade. You can find her on the farm with her chickens and mini horses. She lives in British Columbia and enjoys taking her nephew out in the horse cart for picnics. 24 Sussex: Downfall is her debut novel, was published by L.L. Press on May 7, 2019, and is the first in the Davic Woods series.

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