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Davic Woods is aide and right-hand man to Canada’s newly elected Prime Minister Jordan Innis. Davic is a former computer analyst for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, a job he lost but can’t remember how or why. 

The answer is in his personnel file, accessible only to the Prime Minister. But Davic doesn’t work for Jordan simply because she can get him his file; he’s been with her since before she started her campaign. He believes in her policies and her ethics. 

A year into Jordan’s administration, a sequence of seemingly random events turn out to be calculated attempts to undermine Jordan’s majority in Parliament. This culminates in a group of men gunning down Davic at a café. 

Who are the terrorists and what do they want? Davic will stop at nothing to protect Jordan...and finally answer the question: Why did he lose his job at CSIS?


After her mother abandons her for a third time, soft-spoken Janey Preston, who just started third grade two weeks before, decides she will not wait around to be taken to the awful Children’s Home again.

She loads up a grocery cart with canned food, water, and her loyal Raggedy-Andy and heads for Highway 25 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, her destination: Trinidad, Colorado, 250 miles north, where her beloved second-grade teacher, Miss Butler, lives and can hopefully give Janey what she’s been yearning for her entire life.

With an impressive blend of Cormac McCarthy’s direst settings and the childhood innocence of Don Robertson, L.M. Stockton captures youthful hope, courage, and determination.

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We all have a little angel in us. It’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time. This collection reveals the “Ordinary Angels” of El Paso, Texas, in real-life stories of help, healing, and comfort.

This book is a collection of articles Minerva Baumann wrote for the El Paso Times between 2009 and 2011. These articles are full of interesting people, touching moments - some common, others extraordinary - and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Since burning down under mysterious circumstances in 1971, the Hotel New Mexico is reputed to be one of the most haunted hotels in the world. Which is what attracts horror junkie Abby and her friend, Georgia, to it one late snowy night. 

The hotel is under the ownership of cult-horror-movie icon Corbin Burke, and Abby wants to write a book about Burke, the hotel, and its shocking history. 

Soon after arriving, the hotel bares all: it's certainly haunted, but not by ghosts or anything supernatural; by something far more horrifying.

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Teresa just wants to spend the long weekend having fun with friends. But her parents stick her with taking care of her stupid little half-sister, Felicia—Flea.

But Teresa refuses to let Flea ruin her weekend plans, so she drags Flea with her to the banks of the Rio Grande, where Teresa meets up with her friends to drink beer and smoke weed.

In the midst of a lunar eclipse, painting the riverside blood red, Flea runs into the thick undergrowth of Albuquerque’s Bosque Trail. When Teresa goes to find her, she catches only a glimpse of Flea before she vanishes with La Llorona, the mythical child-stealing ghost.

Frantic, Teresa entreats a witch to enable her to find her sister. To do so, she must travel to an alternate Albuquerque, where the past and present are one and madness reigns.

Flea in the Dark marks the debut of Devon Stevens, who deftly incorporates elements of Southwestern folklore and Lovecraftian horror.

This compelling modern fantasy explores the intricacies of a mixed-race family, the absurdity of discrimination based on appearance, and the difficulty in coming to terms with the past to discover a greater capacity to love.

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What would happen if people had super powers but there were no super villains to fight?


Enter the world of stuporheroes, where people born with special abilities have to either get a day job as an insurance salesman, a baker, or a waiter or struggle through the Hollywood cesspool to try to find fame, money, and fulfillment.


But for two ‘powers,’ neither option is attractive and together they conspire to topple the superficiality of Hollywood and the superhero industry!

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Rick Harmond moves from his small hometown, where he worked on his father’s ranch, to a bigger city for college. In his cowboy boots and hat, he immediately feels out of place but he refuses to let his reluctance get the better of him - he’s been given the opportunity of a lifetime! 

He’s been given a full-ride scholarship thanks to his affinity for math. One of the stipulations to receive the scholarship is that he join his college’s Gamma Sigma Gamma fraternity chapter. They’re not the kind of people he would usually be around, but he needs the scholarship - farming can’t pay his tuition. 

He endures the ribbing given by his fellow pledges and the frat brothers, and he also befriends a sorority sister, Rosanna, a popular cheerleader. Rick also meets Rosanna’s roommate: Lorraine, whose double-leg amputation has confined her to a wheelchair. 

Lorraine, a former cheerleader in high school, has become withdrawn, even standoffish, since her accident. And she has good reason to be defensive: Every day she gets looks of pity, looks of disgust, and hears people talking behind her back, thanking God they’re not in her position. 

Rick is intrigued by her and finds an opportunity to get to know her: He can help her with her algebra assignments, and she can help him with his English assignments. 

But soon word of his friendship with Lorraine gets back to the leaders of Gamma Sigma Gamma and a meeting is called: Rick, as well as his fellow pledges, are told they are not to associate with undesirable people because it reflects badly on Gamma Sigma Gamma. 

Rick then finds himself in an impossible situation - he doesn’t want to stop seeing Lorraine but the consequences set his world on fire. How can he remain Lorraine’s friend but also afford to stay in college? 


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Marvin Heemeyer was a blue-collar man whose greatest joy in life was to see his muffler-repair shop prosper. When he felt the government of Granby, Colorado, was conspiring against him and the success of his business, he decided to take action. 

He did not take his vengeance by walking into the town hall with a gun. Nor did he build bombs and deliver them to local politicians. 

No, Marvin was more ingenious than that. He put his welding skills to work. 

In so doing, Marvin Heemeyer made history as one of the most original, complex, controversial, and misunderstood criminals in history. 
Malice is the story of his life leading up to his one-of-a-kind crime. Exhaustively researched, author Liam Llewellyn portrays the story in its entirety, then poses an alternative interpretation.  
Malice challenges the reader to ask such questions as: 

  • Do governments conspire against individuals? 

  • In the wake of enormous tragedy, do governments tell the truth? 

  • What is a criminal? 

  • Do two wrongs make a right?

The Valiant Wayfarer by L.M. Stockton, published by L.L. Press and Liam Llewellyn.
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Days of Fury by Liam Llewellyn, published by L.L. Press and Liam Llewellyn.
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Nine-year-old Ryan Strand disappears one winter day in Minnesota in the mid-’80s. Det. Tom Losnedahl is called in to investigate. He finds a number of plausible suspects, including Ryan’s parents, aunt, uncle, and his best friend’s parents. But then Tom learns of a South Dakota church that professed to be able to ‘cure’ homosexuals before it was shut down. A priest who worked at the church had a history of child abuse and used to be Ryan’s family’s priest. Could this be Ryan’s abductor? Are either still alive? The biggest question is can Tom stay on the abductor’s trail even as his own alcohol and cocaine addictions spiral out of control?

Most Unnatural by Liam Llewellyn, published by L.L. Press and Liam Llewellyn.
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Lourdes is a horticulturist and Cordo is a reporter. They have a happy marriage, so it comes as the greatest shock when Lourdes kills herself.

Even more disturbing is how she did it: By cutting out the baby from her stomach, then sailing out into the Pacific and setting herself on fire. No one can make any sense of it.

Cordo raises the baby but quickly finds himself overwhelmed with her difficulties. As she grows older, he starts to notice similarities between his daughter and Lourdes, both physical and mental.

But these similarities become too great to be mere coincidence. What was Lourdes doing in her lab at the university?

The answer is too terrible to be true.

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Emiel Lane is an explorer and is used to pushing his limits. But watching his wife’s brutal murder in front of him sends him over the edge.

While locked away in a mental institution, Emiel’s exploration partners, Simon and Rainy, suffer a rough patch in their marriage and struggle to fix it.

After two years, Simon and Rainy are stunned when they are visited by Emiel, recently released and medicated, though for what he won’t say.

It isn’t important to him. What is important is the recently activated volcano underneath Bouvet Island in the Southern Ocean. Bouvet Island is an uninhabited antarctic island and the most remote place on earth.

Emiel has been hired by the geological surveys of several countries to go to this island and film the activities of the reawakened volcano. He invites his old friends to join him and share in the $16-million bounty they’ve been offered. Simon and Rainy are hesitant.

Is Emiel healthy and stable enough to go on another exploration? And if he isn’t, what is he capable of?

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