The Painting

Milo Keller is a struggling artist in Dublin. He knows he has a gift for portraying the macabre, but the museums and galleries are too ignorant and squeamish to appreciate his talent.

Ian Marks was an acquaintance of Milo's in art school. Milo has been keeping up with Ian's skyrocketing career. Ian's art is the kind of schlock that would get immediate commercial praise. Milo almost can't believe it when Ian turns up in Dublin - until he realizes Ian is there for the unveiling of a the very museum Milo works at. 

It starts innocently enough, Milo invoking magick to bless his paint brushes and himself, hoping to lift himself out of poverty and obscurity. And even after seeing Ian, Milo only wants to sabotage Ian's career. 

But the nethermost spirits have more malicious, bloodier intentions for Milo, Ian, and his family.

The Painting

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